mizusashidana 水指棚
KEY WORD : architecture / tea houses
A small shelf unit with side boards that have an openwork *sukashibori 透彫 foliate *kouzama 格狭間. There is a bottom shelf, resting directly on the floor, a middle shelf, and a flat top. Guests are able to look through the openwork panels to see the pitcher *mizusashi 水指, and other utensils positioned on the bottom shelf, and the tea caddy *chaki 茶器 on the middle shelf. The ladle *hishaku 柄杓, and lid stand *futaoki 蓋置, are placed on the top board. The most typical stand is one attributed to Takeno Jouou 武野紹鴎 (1502-55), coated with warm red-brown lacquer. This style was also favored by Kobori Enshuu 小堀遠州 (1575-1647).


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