massha 末社
KEY WORD : architecture / shrines
One or many small subsidiary Shinto shrines belonging to a main shrine. If the buildings are located within the precincts of the main shrine they are called keidai massha 境内末社. If built outside the precincts of the main shrine or at a considerable distance from it, they are often referred to as keigai massha 境外末社. Massha buildings have no set style. Examples: Yasaka Jinja Massha Ebisusha Shaden 八坂神社末社蛭子社社殿 (1646) in Kyoto. Uda Mikumari Jinja Massha Kasuga Jinja Honden 宇太水分神社末社春日神社本殿 (Muromachi period) in Nara.

*sessha 摂社 

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