Masomon 媽姐門
KEY WORD : architecture / gates
A unique gate at Soufukuji 崇福寺 (rebuilt in 1827) in Nagasaki prefecture. The size is ususual for an eight-legged gate *hakkyakumon 八脚門, in that it is 3-bays wide and has an entrance in each bay. The temple is of the Oubaku 黄檗 sect. Its architectural elements have strong Chinese influence characteristic of Oubaku sect temples. The roof is open from the axis of the central pillars to the front of the gate. The rafters *taruki 垂木 are curved but are rectangular in section. Behind it is a three-ridged structure *mitsumue 三棟. Rafters are rectangular in section. The roof is a hip-and-gable type *irimoya yane 入母屋屋根, and is covered with pantile *sangawarabuki 桟瓦葺.

left (back side):*funazoko tenjou 舟底天井  right (front side):*oubaku tenjou 黄檗天井
Soufukuji Masomon 崇福寺媽姐門 (Nagasaki)


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