masame 柾目
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Straight grain. The grain that runs parallel to the growth of the tree or at right angle to the tree rings. The quality of grain differs according to the species.
To expose a grain and the color of the tree rings medullary rays a log is cut in the direction of growth its center outward. Grains are classified by size : string grain *itomasa 糸柾, normal grain namimasa 並柾, course grain aramasa 荒柾. When the medullary ray zuisen 髄線 is rather it is called silver straight grain ginmasa 銀柾. If a board is used during construction with its grain reversed, that is to say with the end toward the top of the tree at the bottom end, the grain is called ribbon grain ribonmasa リボン柾.

*itame 板目, *shinsarizai 心去材 

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