kurodo-no-gosho 黒戸の御所
KEY WORD : architecture / buildings & structures
Also abbreviated to kurodo 黒戸. Lit. black door of the palace. A long narrow structure that was used for private religious observances at the Heian period Imperial Palace. It contained a Buddhist altar on which incense was offered. The name of this building is believed to be derived from the amount of soot deposited around the altar from the smoking incense. Also, the name was thought to be the court lady's term for Buddhist altar. The building is located to the north of the Seiryouden 清涼殿 and west of a guardsman's station takiguchi 滝口 in Kyoto. As a private Buddhist hall, it is referred to as a jibutsudono 持仏殿.

*shinden-zukuri 寝殿造 

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