kuchiba 朽葉
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
1 Lit. dead leaves; a dull yellow colour. Kuchiba dye is made by mixing yellow gardenia *kuchinashi 支子 with red madder akane 茜 or safflower *beni 紅. Sometimes known as fukakuchinashi 深支子 (dark gardenia). The shade produced varies depending on the proportions of the dye-mixture: a reddish shade is called akakuchiba 赤朽葉, a bluish tone aokuchiba 青朽葉 and a yellow tone kiikuchiba 黄朽葉. Kuchiba is mentioned in 10c documents ENGISHIKI 延喜式 and UTSUBO MONOGATARI 宇津保物語.

2 The term used for a garment with a dull yellow (see 1. above) outer fabric and a yellow lining. Worn in autumn.


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