kouraimon 高麗門
KEY WORD : architecture / gates
A type of gate, lit. Korean gate. Also formerly called *kabukimon 冠木門. Used for many temple gates, in front of castles, and in daimyou 大名 residences. The gate has a tiled, gabled roof *kirizuma yane 切妻屋根 set on two main squared pillars, and two lower and smaller roofs set at right angles, built on side pillars *hikaebashira 控柱 inside. The small gabled roofs protect the side pillars and the door *tobira 扉 from the weather. The kouraimon serves as a small outer castle gate, usually located at the front of a castle, on the castle-side of a bridge across the moat. The kouraimon, the square courtyard *masugata 桝形 inside it, and the larger inner gate *yaguramon 櫓門 together comprised the masugatamon 桝形門 gate complex, which first appeared around 1600. Examples can be seen at Himejijou 姫路城, Nagoyajou 名古屋城, and Kanazawajou 金沢城, and Edojou 江戸城 *Shimizumon 清水門. The mane is derived from an old name for Korea, probably because the triple roof resembled Korean roofs.
front view
rear view
Edojou *Shimizumon 江戸城清水門 (Tokyo)


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