kouko youushibyou 高古遊糸描
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Ch: gaogu yousi miao. A brush technique used to create the clothing of figures in ink painting. The brush strokes are thin, even lines which are painted with the tip of the brush and continue with little interruption. The technique is one of the eighteen types of figural portrayal *jinbutsu juuhachibyou 人物十八描 and is one of the earliest styles to have emerged from China, appearing before the Han dynasty. Although this style is associated with Cao Zhongda (Jp: Sou Chuutatsu 曹仲達, fl.ca.550-577), as a category of jinbutsu juuhachibyou, it may be more appropriate to apply this technique to the paintings of Gu Kaizhi (Jp: Ko Gaishi 顧豈之, ca.344-406) and Lu Tanwei (Jp: Riku Tanbi 陸探微; fl.465-72). The style called *soui shussui 曹衣出水 is also attributed to Cao .


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