jinbutsu juuhachibyou 人物十八描
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Ch: renwo shibamiao. Lit. eighteen types of figural portrayal. A group of brush styles traditionally employed in painting to render human forms in various types of clothing, with landscapes, flowers and birds. The eighteen types of figural portrayal were standardized by Zhou Lujing (Jp: Shuu Risei 周履請, dates unknown) in the Ming dynasty. In Japan, the *nanga 南画 artist Oda Kaisen 小田海僊 (1785-1862) was also known to divide figure portrayals into eighteen categories. The standard eighteen types of figural portrayal are: 1 *kouko yuushibyou 高古遊糸描 (Ch: gaogu yousimiao, tall and ancient playful string drawing); 2 kingenbyou 琴絃描 (Ch: qinxianmiao, hard-string drawing); 3 *tessenbyou 鉄線描 (Ch: tiexianmiao, wire-line drawing); 4 kouun ryuusuibyou 行雲流水描 (Ch: xingyun liushuimiao, moving clouds and running water); 5 bakoubyou 馬蝗描 (Ch: mahuangmiao, horse-locust drawing); 6 *teitou sobibyou 釘頭鼠尾描 (Ch: dingtou shuwei miao, nail-head rat-tail drawing); 7 konbyou 混描 (Ch: hunmiao, mixed drawing); 8 *kettou teibyou けっ頭釘描 (Ch: juetou dingmiao, nail head drawing); 9 souibyou 曹衣描 (Ch: caoyi miao, Sogdian style drawing, also *soui shussui 曹衣出水, wet-drapery); 10 *setsurobyou 折蘆描 (Ch: zhelumiao, bent-reed drawing); 11 ryuuyoubyou 柳葉描 (Ch: liuyemiao, willow-leaf drawing); 12 chikuyoubyou 竹葉描 (Ch: zhuyemiao, bamboo-leaf drawing); 13 senpitsu suimonbyou 戦筆水文描 (Ch: zhanbi, trembling brush water style drawing, also; senpitsu 戦筆 trembling brush); 14 genpitsubyou 減筆描 (Ch: jianbi, abbreviated brush, also *genpitsu 減筆 or ryakuhitsu 略筆); 15 kosaibyou 枯柴描 (Ch: kuchai, withered brushwood drawing); 16 kyuuinbyou 蚯蚓描 (Ch: quiyinmiao, earthworm drawing); 17 kanranbyou 橄欖描(Ch: ganlanmiao, olive drawing); 18 soukakubyou 棗核描 (Ch: zaohemiao, jujube seed drawing). A nineteenth style of drawing *ran'youbyou 蘭葉描 (Ch: lanyemiao, orchid-leaf drawing), is often added to the eighteen listed above.


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