koshikaketsugi  腰掛継
KEY WORD : architecture / joints
Also *koshi 腰; kasanetsugi 重継. Lit. seat joint. A simple lap joint in which two members are placed so that the upper member overlaps the lower member to form a seat or bench. An L-shaped piece is cut from the upper half of one end of the plank or beam and an inverted L-shaped piece of matching size is cut from the lower beam. These two ends are then fitted together to form an end joint *tsugite 継手, or combined to create a right angle joint *shiguchi 仕口. Some method of securing the two parts is necessary, a strong glue for example. The lap joint is also used in conjunction with a variety of other joints, for example, the *koshikake aritsugi 腰掛蟻継 an end joint with added dovetail tenon and mortise.



*koshiire mechigaitsuki aritsugi 腰入目違付蟻継, *koshikake kamatsugi 腰掛鎌継

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