kiyomizuyaki 清水焼
KEY WORD : art history / crafts
Kiyomizu ware. One of the terms commonly given to similar wares produced by several local kilns and associated with the old pottery market which still exists on the hill leading to Kyoto's Kiyomizudera 清水寺. What is now called Old Kiyomizu ko-kiyomizu 古清水 is actually the pottery that emerged during the Kan'ei 寛永 era (1624-44) from kilns in Yasaka 八坂, Otowa 音羽, Kiyomizu, and Mizorogaike 御菩薩池, all in Kyoto. It was not until the potter Nonomura Ninsei 野々村仁清 became active after 1647 that the overglaze enamel techniques and decoration associated with Kiyomizu ware were clearly established.

*kyouyaki 京焼 

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