kiriko 切子
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
1 A square structural element from which a right angled section cut from each corner. Also called kirisumi 切角, sumi-irigaku 隅入角, sumikiri 隅切, or sumikirigaku 隅切角.

2 A shorter than usual vertical lattice *koushi 格子, or vertical muntins *renji 蓮子. Unlike regular-sized lattice, kiriko may not extend to either the top or bottom surfaces of the frame or it may extend only to the bottom. For example, such lattice is commonly used for front doors of shops of merchant dwellings *machiya 町家. Full length, wider lattice strips are spaced so that two or more short ones can be set in between them. This type of shop door is called kiriko goushi 切子格子 or oyatsuki kiriko goushi 親付き切子格子.


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