Kin Kou sennin 琴高仙人
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Ch:Qin Gao Xianren. A painting subject of the Taoist immortal sennin 仙人 (Ch: xianren) Qin Gao, noted for riding a carp. Qin Gao is reported to have lived during the Chinese Warring States period. He was skilled at playing the harp kin 琴 (Ch: qin) and was an imperial advisor. Qin Gao studied Taoist magic and mastered the secrets of immortality. Supposedly, he traveled the Jizhou region (present-day Hebei 河北), for more than 200 years until one day he rode a dragon into the waters of a magical lake. However, wishing to keep a promised meeting with a disciple, on the specified day Qin Gao emerged from the depths riding on a huge red carp. In painting Qin Gao is usually seen on the back of a fish, wearing a scholar's cap on his head. Notable paintings of the theme include works by Sesson 雪村 (1504?-90?; Kyoto National Museum) and Ogata Kourin 尾形光琳 (1658-1716; MOA Museum). In *mitate-e 見立絵 examples by *ukiyo-e 浮世絵 artists, a beautiful courtesan typically assumes Kinkou's place on the carp.


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