kikuto 菊斗
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Sometimes pronounced kikudo; also called onito or onimasu 鬼斗, sumito 隅斗, tsunoto 角斗, rengeto 蓮華斗, ushito 牛斗, igato 毬斗. Lit. chrysanthemum bearing block. A bearing block *masu 斗 used at the outer ends of corner bracket arms *sumihijiki 隅肘木 or corner tail rafters sumi odaruki 隅尾垂木. Kikuto bisect the corner and in turn receive a bracket arm called *hirahijiki 平肘木. The bottom and top of the bearing block slope at a 450 angle because of its unusual placement. The under side of the bearing block is cut in such a way as to have a special flower-like appearance.
Izumo Taisha Hassokumon 出雲大社八足門 (Shimane)
Izumo Taisha Hassokumon 出雲大社八足門 (Shimane)

*tokyou 斗きょう

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