kikugi 木釘
KEY WORD : architecture / joints
A wooden nail. The term applies to dowels, also called joggles *daboso 太ぼぞ, pins kumisen 込栓 or daisen 大栓, plugs *sen 栓 etc. Wooden nails are used in various types of joinery. A log beam stub tenon scarf joint with dowels, koya daimochitsugi 小屋台持継, is an example. The stub tenon scarf joint *daimochitsugi 台持継, is used in roof frameworks and is thought to have been employed since the 14c. A species of Japanese sunflower called utsugi 空木 is thought to be the most suitable type of wood for dowels, pins, and plugs. Although its stalk is hollow, it is very tough. Zelkova, keyaki 欅, a very hard wood, is also excellent for wooden nails. Today steel bolts are usually used in place of wood. 


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