daimochitsugi 台持継
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
A center joint. An oblique scarf joint combining a housed *daboso 太ぼそ joint and blind tenons. The mortises are attached to the tops of posts and extend around 30cm beyond. Transverse beams in which the tenons have been cut on each end fit securely into them. If necessary, hardwood pins are added to prevent slippage. This joint is also used to unite wall plates *shikigeta 敷桁, bottom transverse beams in a roof's framework rokubari 陸梁, floor joints *neda 根太 and sleepers *oobiki 大引. Also used in hidden transverse beams nobari 野梁 from around the Muromachi period.

a) *daboso 太ぼそ


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