kasane 重ね
KEY WORD : architecture / decorations
1 The area where members such as siding boards shitami-ita 下見板 (see *shitami 下見), or shingles fuki-ita 葺き板 overlap, and the size of this overlap. Also hagakari 羽掛り.

2 A series of repeated elements that are lined up vertically or horizontally. Examples include parallel sloping pathways *kasanezaka 重坂 and multiple compounds kasanekuruwa 重ね曲輪 in castle architecture, the stepped fence kasanegaki 重ね垣 and stepped waterfall kasaneochi 重ね落ち in gardens, the lap joint kasanetsugite 重ね継手 and multi-partitioned shelf kasanechigaidana 重ね違い棚 in joinery, and the double chest of drawers kasanetansu 重ね箪笥 in furniture-making.


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