kake karakusagawara 掛唐草瓦
KEY WORD : architecture / roofing tiles
A common term for the broad, concave eave-end pendant tiles that are placed along the gable overhang *keraba 螻羽 and extend beyond the edge of the bargeboard *hafu 破風 of the inclined eaves of a gable, or the gable on the hip-and-gable roof, *kirizuma yane 切妻屋根 or *irimoya yane 入母屋根. These tiles were originally named for the arabesque motifs *karakusa 唐草 that decorated the pendant. The motif was most popular from the 7c-12c. Even when the motifs changed, the old name remained in use.

*kerabagawara 螻羽瓦, *hira karakusagawara 平唐草瓦, *kakegawara 掛瓦

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