kabegaki 壁垣
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
A generic term for shrine fences *tamagaki 玉垣. A fence built at shrines from the late 15c. It has posts with lattice inserted in between them and beneath the lattice a wainscoting that is nailed to the posts. Above the horizontal beam bordering the lattice are crisscross strips placed between the posts. To protect it somewhat from the rain, it also has a roof. There are many variations including those with a rain-roof and rough lattice between the pillars, oogoushi tamagaki 大格子玉垣, those with square-shaped lattice work *kakugoushi tamagaki 角格子玉垣, or diagonally plaited lattice work sujikaigoushi tamagaki 筋違格子玉垣.


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