joujoudan 上々段
KEY WORD : architecture / aristocratic dwellings
A relatively small space elevated one step higher than the *joudan 上段, where the shogun sat when he received guests. It was an ancillary area which sometimes included a desk-like arrangement called a tsukeshoin 付書院 and a smaller pair of staggered shelves *chigaidana 違い棚. The joujoudan was an area that was more intimate than any other part of the joudan-no-ma 上段の間, in which the shogun sat. Examples: Zuiganji Hondou 瑞厳寺本堂 (early 17c) in Miyagi prefecture and Nishihonganji Shoin Taimenjo /Kou-no-ma 西本願寺書院対面所/鴻の間 (early 17c) in Kyoto.
Hontokuji Oohiroma 本徳寺大広間 (Hyougo)
a) joujoudan 上々段 b) *joudan 上段
Hontokuji Oohiroma 本徳寺大広間 (Hyougo)

*shoin 書院

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