honbashira 本柱
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Also read omobashira; in the case of gates it may be called *monbashira 門柱.

1 Posts or pillars, especially those in line with the doors on gates, for example, the main pillars of a gate called *kabukimon 冠木門. Honbashira also included the pillars of *torii 鳥居; the outer posts on the side verandas on shrines *wakishouji 脇障子; the pillars along the outer perimeter of the front aisle *hisashi 廂 of a temple building; and the front pillars of small shrines. See *heijuumon 塀重門.

2 Honbashira can also mean the primary pillars that frame a shrine or temple building.
Zuiganji Chuumon 瑞巌寺中門 (Miyagi)
a) honbashira 本柱 b) *hikaebashira 控柱

Zuiganji Chuumon 瑞巌寺中門 (Miyagi)


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