hiuchibari 火打梁
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
A diagonal brace placed across a corner at about a 45-degree angle to the purlins. Sometimes called an angle tie, angle, angle brace or diagonal tie. It is used on upper exterior corners to hiuchibari.gif the structure for framing, and across corners before a floor is laid. It also enables a structure to better withstand the horizontal force of earthquakes or strong winds.

a) *munagi 棟木 b) *moya 母屋 c) *taruki 垂木 d)ketayuki sujikai 桁行筋違
e) koya sujikai 小屋筋違 f) koyazuka 小屋束 g) *tsumabari 妻梁
h) hiuchibari 火打梁 i) *koyabari 小屋梁 j) *nokigeta 軒桁
Bitchuu Matsuyamajou 備中松山城 (Okayama)
Bitchuu Matsuyamajou 備中松山城 (Okayama)


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