hegi-ita 枌板
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Also written 剥板; sogi-ita 殺板, 曽木板.

1 Thin strips of plaited cedar or sawara 椹 cypress applied either diagonally or lengthwise and crosswise to make the wicker work ceilings *ajiro 網代, seen frequently in tea ceremony rooms or houses *chashitsu 茶室.

2 Boards or shingles about 30cm long x 9 or 12cm wide x 3mm thick used as roofing for many shops in the Kansai 関西 region in the medieval period. The shingles were nailed to bamboo rafters called kuredome 榑止. Bamboo and small logs were laid across the roof horizontally and stones were placed at regular intervals to weigh the shingles down.


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