hatachi amari 二十余
KEY WORD : art history / sculptures
Also written 廿一. Lit. Barely twenty. Noh mask *noumen 能面 representing the resentful ghost of the young fisherman in FUJITO 藤戸 who has been murdered by the general to whom he disclosed a secret water passage. The name derives from a passage in the play and the mask, like *kawazu 蛙, was created specifically for the role. Like kawazu and *yaseotoko 痩男, the gaunt face has protruding bones, straggly wisps of hair over the forehead and downward looking eyes, and no lower teeth, giving a sense of passivity and inner torment. Unlike the other two masks, however, hatachi amari shows a more human aspect in the curve of his lips, the clarity of the facial hairs (moustache and eyebrows) and, most importantly, the absence of metal in the eyes.

*onryoumen 怨霊面

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