KEY WORD : art history / sculptures
A noh mask *noumen 能面 representing a ghost of a man of commoner rank that strongly suggests a frog, from which it gets its name. Round, widely spaced eye sockets set in prominent, high cheekbones impart a rather haggard expression. Color for the face varies from mask to mask, ranging from greenish white to light tan. The limply tussled hair painted on the forehead suggests recent emersion from water and contributes to the overall impression of bedragglement. Worn by the shite シテ in FUJITO 藤戸, and in place of *yaseotoko 痩男 in such plays as AKOGI 阿漕 and UTOU 善知烏. In the latter plays, kawazu portrays the suffering ghost of a fisherman or hunter whose occupation in life forced him to break the Buddhist commandment against killing. Attributed to Himi 氷見 (see *jissaku 十作).


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