Hassoutobi 八艘飛
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
An abbreviation for Yoshitsune hassoutobi 義経八艘飛 or Yoshitsune's Leap over Eight Boats, one of the many legends surrounding the tragic warrior Minamoto no *Yoshitsune 源義経 (1159-89) and a popular pictorial theme. At the end of Dan-no-ura no kassen 壇ノ浦の合戦 (the Battle of Dan-no-ura), the fierce general Taira no Noritsune 平教経 (1160-85) decided his final confrontation would be with the Genji 源氏 (Minamoto) leader and found his way to Yoshitsune's boat. Dodging Noritsune's lunge, Yoshitsune tucked his spear under his arm and made a prodigious leap to another boat more than two boat-lengths away. Both the descriptions in HEIKE MONOGATARI 平家物語 (The Tale of The Heike) and GENPEI SEISUIKI 源平盛衰記 (The Rise and Fall of The Genji and The Heike) report Yoshitsune leaping one boat, yet in later legends the distance grows to eight boats. The incident is illustrated as one part of pictures of the battle scenes of the Genpei War Genpei kassen-zu 源平合戦図 on folding screens *byoubu 屏風 and as the sole subject of warrior pictures *musha-e 武者絵 and sometimes in 'parody pictures' *mitate-e 見立絵 by *ukiyo-e 浮世絵 artists.

*heike-e 平家絵

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