hanakobu akujou 鼻瘤悪尉
KEY WORD : art history / sculptures
Bumpy nosed fierce old man. A noh mask *noumen 能面 representing a fierce, old man. Tensely furrowed eyebrows which create a large, deeply carved V-shaped crease converge at the top of a prominent nose with a distinctive double bump. Veins run down both sides of the forehead. Tan horse hair implanted below the nose, below the lip, and on the chin surrounds the half-opened mouth baring a large set of gold metal upper teeth. The tip of the tongue is just visible. Large for a noh mask, the coloring is a light earthy yellow. Often used instead of the *ooakujou 大悪尉 for the role of a dragon god who performs a gaku 楽 dance in the second act of SHIRAHIGE 白髭, OOYASHIRO 大社, and TAMANOI 玉井. Attributed to Suminobu すみのぶ.

*kijinmen 鬼神面

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