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Principles of Painting. A mid-18c five-volume treatise on painting by Sakurai Sekkan 桜井雪館 (1715-90). An ally of the Unkoku school *Unkokuha 雲谷派, and self-proclaimed twelfth generation of descendant of the painter Sesshuu Touyou 雪舟等楊 (1420-1506), Sekkan sets forth a description and defense of Sesshuu's painting style. In addition to describing Sesshuu's style and its basis in Chinese painting, Sekkan sets the current practice of the Sesshuu style in relation to the "inferior" qualities of competing styles, including the Southern school *nanga 南画 and Nagasaki school *Nagasakiha 長崎派 styles. GASOKU was recorded by Sekkan's second daughter Seppo 雪保 (1753-1824) in 1772, but not published until 1777. Of the five volumes, the first concerns art theory, while the other four provide illustrations. It is published in Sakazaki Tan 坂崎坦, ed., NIHON GARON TAIKAN 日本画論大観 1 81-96.


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