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Lit. Vajra on the Way of Painting, Nakabayashi Chikutou's 中林竹洞 (1776-1853) reactionary critique of contemporary painters who diverge from orthodox Chinese literati theory and brushwork. According to Chikutou's preface of 1802, he decided to call his treatise Vajra (Diamond Pounder or Thunder Bolt) because he wished to use the treatise to break the contemporary painting world of its old, bad habits and point the way to correct practices. GADOU KONGOUSHO contains Chikutou's classification of Japanese painters based on the late Ming painting critic Dong Qichang's (Jp: Tou Kishou 董其昌, 1556-1636) division of painting into Northern and Southern schools *hokushuuga 北宗画 and *nanshuuga 南宗画. As such GADOU KONGOUSHO is one of the few Japanese gahin 画品 (Ch. huapin) or classifications, and it serves as the companion to his more theoretical work CHIKUTOU GARON 竹洞画論 of 1812. It is published in Sakazaki Tan 坂崎坦 ed., NIHON GARON TAIKAN 日本画論大観 1: pp.171-185.


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