enchuuza 円柱座
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Lit. circular pillar seat. A rounded molding carved into the top of a base stone *soseki 礎石 that had been hollowed out to receive a pillar. The diameter of the molding is only slightly greater than that of the pillar. It is like a collar that hugs the pillar. An example was discovered during dismantling repairs kaitai shuuri 解体修理 in the 1930s and '40s at Houryuuji *Jikidou 法隆寺食堂, which was rebuilt in 1268, Nara. A mortise *hozo-ana ほぞ穴 was made in the center of the base stone and a tenon *hozo ほぞ was hewn out of the bottom of the pillar. This was an unusual method as the placement of mortise and tenon were normally reversed,with the tenon cut into the wood and the mortise cut into the stone. A water-drip, mizukiri 水切, channel was made on the base stone.


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