KEY WORD : 1 architecture / general terms, 2 art history / crafts
1 Also written 反. A step. The level part or tread of a flight of stairs. When made of wood, the tread is called dan-ita 段板 or fumi-ita 踏板 (tread board). When made of stone it is called dan-ishi 段石 or *fumi-ishi 踏石.

2 Also called dan-gawari 段替 (different levels). A type of decoration used on *kosode 小袖 a wadded silk garment in which the whole garment is patterned in alternating blocks of different materials, colors, or designs. It was popular from the late Muromachi period through the early 17c for kosode, and later was used primarily for *nou 能 robes utilizing karaori 唐織 (Chinese weaving) and heavy brocade sashes, atsu-ita 厚板.


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