Daiippoumon 第一峰門
KEY WORD : architecture / gates
A unique Chinese style four-legged gate made by Chinese carpenters in 1644 using imported, broad leaf cedar. It is located at the entrance of Soufukuji 崇福寺, in Nagasaki prefecture. It has 4-stepped bracket complexes, *yotesaki tokyou 四手先斗きょう, in the front and back of the gate and the corner bracket complexes are set diagonally. The sides have ordinary 3-stepped bracket complexes, *mitesaki tokyou 三手先斗きょう. It has double eaves, and a hip-and gable roof with frog leg struts on gable ends. The roof is tile. It is painted in bright, typically Chinese colors. In the late 17c, an upper story was added.
Soufukuji Daiippoumon 崇福寺第一峰門 (Nagasaki)
Soufukuji Daiippoumon 崇福寺第一峰門 (Nagasaki)
Soufukuji Daiippoumon 崇福寺第一峰門 (Nagasaki)
*yotesaki tokyou 四手先斗きょう
Soufukuji Daiippoumon 崇福寺第一峰門 (Nagasaki)
*mitesaki tokyou 三手先斗きょう

*shikyakumon 四脚門

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