daiban 台盤
KEY WORD : architecture / aristocratic dwellings
A long, low, rectangular table on which food was served in the emperor's residential compound Dairi 内裏 of the imperial palace in the Heian period. It was also used in shinden style *shinden-zukuri 寝殿造 mansions of the aristocracy for serving food in individual portions to senior members of the household. It was 2.5 shaku 尺(about 75cm) deep and about 30cm high, with a leg at each corner. There were two lengths: a daiban 4 shaku long (approximately 1.2m) was used to serve one person; one of 8 shaku (approximately 2.4m) in length was used by two people. Finished in either red or black lacquer, shunuri urushi 朱塗り漆 or kuronuri urushi 黒塗り漆, it had a broad edge fillet fuchi 縁 which stood slightly above the top surface. The daiban gave its name to the *daibandokoro 台盤所, or servery in aristocratic houses.


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