chiriotoshifusuma 塵落襖
KEY WORD : architecture / tea houses
Also called * kirihikite 切引手. The catch on a sliding door used in the host's entrance, *sadouguchi 茶道口 and *kyuujiguchi 給仕口, in a tea ceremony room. These catches are found on *taikobari fusuma 太鼓張襖, a style of opaque sliding doors *fusuma 襖 which are completely covered with paper.The catches are different from those on ordinary fusuma The paper in one area between the lattice framework beneath the white paper covering is cut to grasp the fusuma when opening and closing it. This area is fitted in front on the fifth frame from the bottom on the tea ceremony room side and on the sixth frame on the reverse side. The paper is cut on top and on each side of the frames and then pasted on the back.


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