kyuujiguchi 給仕口
KEY WORD : architecture / tea houses
Also called kamuroguchi 禿口, *kayoiguchi 通い口 or *katouguchi 火灯口. A service entrance providing direct access to the guest's mat *kyakudatami 客畳, allowing the host a convenient path to carry food and drink to the participants of a tea ceremony. The top of the entrance is either arched or comb shaped and the doorway is covered with white plaster. A sliding door is used for the service entrance which is usually 120cm wide and 123cm high. Example: Oribe's 織部 Hassouan 八窓庵 in Nara; Touinseki 桐蔭席 Urasenke 裏千家 in Kyoto.

*sadouguchi 茶道口

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