beshimi akujou べし見悪尉
KEY WORD : art history / sculptures
Also called akujou beshimi 悪尉べし見, depending upon the school of noh mask *noumen 能面 making. A combination of akujou 悪尉 and beshimi べし見 types, beshimi akujou has much implanted horsehair above the upper lip, below the lower lip and on the chin characteristic of akujou masks, as well as the shut, clenched mouth of beshimi. In addition, the metallic gold eyeballs peering out from behind the thick, furrowed ridges of its eyebrows give the beshimi akujou a stubborn, resolute expression. The mask is almost as wide as it is tall. Similar masks include higebeshimi 髭べし見 (bearded beshimi), and shirobeshimi 白べし見 (white beshimi), which has a white beard and overall features resembling *oobeshimi 大べし見. Used as a substitute for oobeshimi in KURAMATENGU 鞍馬天狗, ZEGAI 是界, or for *kobeshimi 小べし見 in HIMURO 氷室. The Houshou 宝生 school owns a fine example from the Muromachi period designated an Important Cultural Property.

*ooakujou 大悪尉, *kijinmen 鬼神面

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