arigata aigakihozo 蟻形相欠ほぞ
KEY WORD : architecture / joints
Also arigata aihozo 蟻形相ほぞ. Dovetail halving. A type of half-lap dovetail joint *arikake 蟻掛, in which two members are joined at a right angle. A tenon *hozo ほぞ, and mortise ana 穴, shaped like the tail of a dove. Both the tenon and the mortise are cut to half the thickness of the timbers to be joined, and then the tenon is fitted into the mortise. Used to join the end of a penetrating beam *nuki 貫, to a pillar *hashira 柱. A wedge *kusabi 楔, is inserted to tighten the joint. If the joint is at the top of a pillar it is called agekama 上鎌, if it is at the bottom it is called sagekama 下鎌. Although a self-locking joint, the arigata aigakihozo is relatively weak when subjected to downward stress, even when glued.


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