amigasa 編笠
KEY WORD : architecture / tea houses
One type of Korean style tea bowl *chawan 茶碗, with white brush strokes on the exterior and a spiral shape on an inside corner. This style of tea bowl is characterized by its irregularly shaped rim, which is believed to be a distortion created during firing. The rim resembles the braided brim of a straw hat. Usually such defective bowls were discarded, but in later years, tea masters began to prize them. There were kilns in Japan at Karatsu 唐津 (*karatsuyaki 唐津), Hagi 萩 (*hagiyaki 萩焼), and kiseto 黄瀬戸 (*setoyaki 瀬戸焼) that produced tea bowls in the Korean style.

a) kuchizukuri 口造り b) kiwa 際 c) tsuchimi 土見 (unglazed) d) koudai 高台


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