KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Also written 空; kuugeki 空隙, ma 間. Lit. empty, gap, space. The space between two structural parts. For example, the space between rafters *taruki 垂木. The term refers to the inside measurement, which is often not uniform. Regardless of the amount of space, it is still called tarukiaki 垂木明. However, if the term tarukima 垂木間 is used, it means the distance from rafter center to rafter center, also called shinshin 真々. Another common example is the inside measurement from pillar to pillar *hashira 柱, called hashira-no-aki 柱明. If measured from center to center it is called *hashirama 柱間. This term is used to refer to the width of a bay ikken 一間. The inside width of a window opening is called madoaki 窓明.


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