shakutate 杓立
KEY WORD : architecture / tea houses
Also hishakutate 柄杓立. A ladle stand or holder for the ladle or dipper, and charcoal tongs. Shakutate is one of the objects in a set of tea ceremony utensils and is often shaped like a tall flower vase, the height being about half the length of the dipper handle. The handle is inserted into the dipper so that the dipper *hishaku 柄杓 is visible. Since it is one of a set, the material used is the same as that of the water container and other objects, usually ceramic or metal. The shape may vary: long necked with a bulbous base, square, rectangular, gourd shaped, etc. This object is used especially with either the portable display shelf *daisu 台子 or a long board shelf nagakaku 長角.


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