saya-no-ma 鞘の間
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Also called ooiya 覆屋; *kusari-no-ma 鎖の間.

1 The space between the roof of a precious building and a building constructed over it as a protective covering *sayadou 鞘堂. Also, a veranda-like space between the protected building and the protective structure. Example: Chuusonji *Konjikidou 中尊寺金色堂 (1124) in Iwate prefecture.

2 An interior, veranda-like space floored with thick straw mats *tatami 畳, that is associated with the shoin style *shoin-zukuri 書院造. The exterior wall is filled with moveable wooden screens *shitomido 蔀戸, and a simple veranda called otoshien-ita 落縁板 extends outward at a lower level. It is called otoshien-ita. The width of the saya-no-ma is 90 cm but there is no prescribed limit for the length. Saya-no-ma may also be found in a shoin style tea ceremony room *chashitsu 茶室.

a) *engawa 縁側 b) saya-n-oma 鞘の間 c) kamizashiki 上座敷
d) *joudan-no-ma 上段の間 e) naka-zashiki 中座敷 f) *butsuma 仏間

Nagatomi 永富 house (Hyougo)


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