saiken 細見
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Also Yoshiwara saiken 吉原細見. Annually published guide to the new *Yoshiwara 吉原 quarters in Edo which was moved after the Meireki 明暦 fire of 1657. This guide included detailed depictions of the red-light district, the names of brothels and the names, ranks and prices of the courtesans. The popularity of courtesans was ranked and recorded earlier, but in 1718 Tsutaya Juuzaburou 蔦屋重三郎 published the information as a folding pamphlet. Between 1728 and 1781 the pamphlets were published in a small horizontal book-format yokobon 横本, and finally around the mid-to-late 19c a vertical format tatebon 竪本 came into vogue. Between 1804-18, Yoshiwara saiken were used as the model for shibai seiken 芝居細見 which were compiled to give similar detailed information on theaters and actors.


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