saiben rengemon 細弁蓮華文
KEY WORD : architecture / roofing tiles
Lit. narrow petal lotus motif. A motif with as many as twelve or sixteen narrow petals found on some circular pendant tiles *gatou 瓦当 that alternate with concave eave-end tiles *nokihiragawara 軒平瓦. This motif did not occur before the latter half of the 7c. An example unearthed at Zenshouji 善正寺 in Osaka, has twelve narrow lotus petals, each with a large leaf sprout background *tanben 単弁. Another example has sixteen petals, large leaf sprouts behind the petals, and twelve seeds in the center. It was found at Saianji 西安寺 ruins in Nara.

*rengemon 蓮華文 

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