ryoubiraki 両開
KEY WORD : architectures / general terms
.Also *kannonbiraki tobira 観音開扉, double doors that open in one direction only, and oyakotobira 親子扉, lit. parent-child doors: doors that are different size.
Double doors. Two single leaves affixed in a single door frame. Double hinged doors are also called ryoubirakido 両開戸 or nimaibiraki 二枚開. There are double doors which open on a pivot hinge *jikuzuri 軸吊, one to the left and to the right. They are plank doors itado 板戸 or plain panelled doors *itakarado 板唐戸. The term is also used for doors with folding parts on each side, including some doors panelled in the Chinese style, ryoubirai sankarado 両開桟唐戸. Double windows with a single frame are called ryoubirakimado 両開窓. They also may have a folding part on each side yet fit into a single window frame. *Shouji 障子 that fold are called ryoubiraki shouji 両開障子.


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