oonaoshi 大直
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
The second layer of a plastered wall. The first layer of a plastered wall is made of a rough clay-sod or mud-plaster mixture called arakida tsuchi 荒木田土. The second thin layer of plaster, called oonaoshi, is mixed with sand and spread over the rough plaster base. The thickness of the oonaoshi varied from 1.8 - 3cm. The surface of the oonaoshi is plain but not perfectly smooth. Depending upon the ultimately desired thickness of the wall, the oonaoshi layer may be repeated several times. To obtain a perfectly smooth surface, a finishing coat *uwanuri 上塗り, of pure creamy plaster is painted over the oonaoshi.

*tsuchikabe 土壁, *arakabe 荒壁

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