nyoi houju 如意宝珠
KEY WORD : art history / sculptures
Also nousashou houju 能作性宝珠, mani houju 摩尼宝珠. A sacred jewel, said to remove suffering, and capable of granting every wish. Usually has a round base and pointed top, sometimes surrounded by flames. According to legend the nyoi houju is said to have emerged from the head of the dragon king ryuuou 竜王, or to be made out of eleven precious materials, including Buddha's ashes, gold, silver and various aromatic woods. Found as an attribute *jimotsu 持物, held by Buddhist deities such as *Nyoirin Kannon 如意輪観音, *Jizou 地蔵, and *Kichijouten 吉祥天. A good example is the mid-9c Nyoirin Kannon in Kanshinji 観心寺, Osaka.

*houju 宝珠 

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