mikkyou hougu 密教法具
KEY WORD : art history / sculptures
Utensils used during ritual incantation and prayer in Esoteric Buddhism mikkyou 密教. Introduced to Japan in the early Heian period by eight Buddhist monks known as the Nittou Hakke 入唐八家, who went to Tang China to study mikkyou. The forms of the utensils are derived from ancient Indian weapons and items used in daily life. Important items include the *kongousho 金剛杵, *kogourei 金剛鈴, *kongouban 金剛盤, rinpou 輪宝, *katsuma 羯磨, *shiketsu 四けつ and *kebyou 花瓶. A famous collection of mikkyou hougu, said to have been brought back from China by *Kuukai 空海, can be seen in Kyouougokokuji 教王護国寺 (Touji 東寺), Kyoto.


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