mikaeri Amida 見返り阿弥陀
KEY WORD : art history / iconography
Lit. Amida looking back. An image of a standing *raigou-in Amida 来迎印阿弥陀 who is shown from the side as he turns his head back. Based on a story of late 11c Buddhist priest Eikan 永観, who practised constantly moving, uninterrupted nenbutsu 念仏 (the recitation of sutras). While he was walking around the back of the central image during this practice, he grew sleepy and came to a stop . Just at this moment the main image turned his head back and said "Eikan hurry up!". An image of an Amida looking back, related to the story of Eikan, is preserved in Eikandou 永観堂, Zenrinji 禅林寺, Kyoto. Also see *Amida 阿弥陀.


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