manjuugata 饅頭形
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Lit. a bean-jam dumpling shape. Also called hanjukei 半珠形. A half spiracle shape.

1 Manjuu 饅頭 is a prefix added to a variety of architectural elements with a rounded, or half spherical shape. Such terms include: manjuu kanamono 饅頭金物, a metal fixture, such as a boss in this shape, covering a nail; a dome-shaped, hooked nailhead sometimes called *chichikanamono 乳金物; the nailheads of hooked nails covered over with white plaster in storehouses have this shape but are also called tsubu 粒 or kugitsubu 釘粒, meaning a nailhead that looks like a grain of rice.

2 Manjuu or manjuugata are terms used for the tortoise belly shaped mound *kamebara 亀腹 under the wooden sub-structure of a temple building. It also refers to the shape of a base stone beneath the pillars of some Shinto gates *torii 鳥居. These base stones are also called kamebara.


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