kuri-ishi 栗石
KEY WORD : architecture / castles
Also pronounced guri-ishi. Chestnut stones. Small stones (10-30cm in diameter) that were used as packing or backfill. Larger kuri-ishi were used to fill the cracks and spaces among ordinary stones *hira-ishi 平石, or the face of a castle's stone wall *ishigaki 石垣. Smaller kuri-ishi were used to back-fill the main stones, of a castle wall. Layers of chestnut stones might be one meter thick. Chestnut stones used as backfill were also called uragome-ishi 裏込石 (see *uragome 裏込), literally meaning stones to pack behind the main stones, or tsume-ishi 詰石 (packing stones).


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